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  In any purchase the experience of the person you work with is significant towards your goal of buying or selling for not only the right price but with the least hassle possible, knowing that you got the best of the market. Someone that is in tune with not only the neighbourhoods but also the whole marketplace and the current trends. With out years of experience helping people find, buy and sell their homes successfully this just is not possible, taking not only my years of hard work and experience but our team of REALTORS success to assist you from start to finish is the best decision a person can make!

 I have been selling real estate since 2013 and have a back ground in construction previous to this career which I have always found to be very beneficial in helping my clients make informed decisions. I have completed numerous real estate courses over the years to further my education and my hands on experience is by far the best tool I have to assist in both the buying and selling process. I grew up in St. Albert and still  live in St. Albert loving the area and the community with my wife and 2 dogs. Growing up in St. Albert, being active in sports as a child and to date and working for many years in Edmonton and surrounding communities has allowed me to gain the knowledge to assist my clients fully in all areas of the Greater Edmonton area.

Dustin Van Staveren
Dustin Van Staveren

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